Educational Map Resources

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2010 ASA presentation (updated 12/05) [19mb PDF]
2011 ASA presentation [9.4mb PDF]

Ethiopia In the Classroom

all panels 37-page PDF [4.6mb]
Ethiopia map panels 6-page PDF / Ethiopia map PDF
map panel #1 PDF / map panel #2 PDF / map panel #3 PDF / map panel #4 PDF / map panel #5 PDF / map panel #6 PDF
about PDF
size PDF / size extras PDF
latitude/longitude PDF / latitude/longitude extras PDF
Amharic PDF / Amharic extras PDF
flag PDF / flag extras PDF
Venn PDF / Venn extras PDF

Blank Maps Inspired by People’s Atlas of Chicago

all blank maps PDF [1.3mb]
Africa blank atlas PDF / Africa border atlas PDF / Africa blank map PDF / Africa border map PDF
USA blank atlas PDF / USA border atlas PDF / USA blank map PDF / USA border map PDF
North America blank atlas PDF / North America border atlas PDF / North America blank map PDF / North America border map PDF
Europe blank atlas PDF / Europe border atlas PDF / Europe blank map PDF / Europe border map PDF

Download resources

Free Vector Maps / Africa
Free Vector Flags
PDF Flags Create tag clouds from any shape example 1 example 2 example 3

Cool things to do with google maps

Find a UNESCO World Heritage Site
Explore any location on earth
Walk in a straight line around the world
Measure Area
Check the time in a world location
Print mailing envelopes lined with google maps

Interesting Map projects/websites/blogs/etc

People’s Atlas of Chicago
In 50 Years… A Whole New Map
World of Where for Mac or PC
CommonCensus Map Project Map Maker
Strange Maps
NiJel – Community Impact through Mapping
Radical Cartography
The Map Room
Mapping America: Every City, Every Block
Maps of Africa to 1900

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