About Mighty Maps

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Map projects aimed to help small-scale and tangible efforts

Maps command a mighty amount of authority and appeal. Mighty Maps seeks to put that authority and appeal to good use for those in need.

Maps are an ideal medium to promote a social cause; everyone can identify with them. A map is a ubiquitous tool for getting from point A to point B as well as an effective mental model for understanding and exploring the world around us. Mighty Maps is a design project that aims to leverage the power of maps in tangible and relevant ways to benefit social good efforts.

Graphic design has a rich history of using creativity for the betterment of others. Mighty Maps hopes to add to that canon with a fresh approach to impacting society.

Mighty Maps is a project started in 2010 by Benjamin K. Shown at the University of Washington. What began as a graduate design thesis project has turned into a continuing mission to create change with maps.